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Series FJU

Application and Design Data

'Fourwents' Rotary Pressure Joints For Water, Hot Water, Steam And Thermal Oil Applications.

Fourwents offers widest range of rotary pressure joints for water and steam applications in plastics & packaging, Papers, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Fibers, Tyres& steel industries, Big and small steam tube rotary dryers & reactors, suitable for many Industrial applications.

They have been recognized in all leading industries for the quality.

Normal joints are designed for 150 psi operating pressure. The construction includes Cast iron bodies and Heads, Steel Nipples, Stainless steel Springs and special grade of imported Carbon Graphite seal rings.

The temperature limits of different joints are as under.

  • TYPE US :450° F ( 232° C )
  • TYPE UN:450° F ( 232° C )
  • TYPE UJ:450° F ( 232° C )
Pressure ratings upto 300 psi can also be supplied upon request. Any requirements other than standards can be customized on request.


'FOURWENTS' TYPE-US Pressure Joints are constructed out of best quality Cast Iron or Ductile Iron material.The nipple is machined precisely to match the face of Carbon Seal Ring for leak-proof sealing. The spring is made out of Stainless Steel wire to prevent corrosion.

The guide and seal rings are made from a special material of Carbon-Graphite which requires no lubrication other than liquid or media flowing through the joint.

The Carbon-Graphite is a self lubricated material, when run against the nipple or joint body, the carbon fills up the minute porosity that exist on the surface of the counter part and polishes the surface to mirror finish. A thin sealing, lubricating micro film between them minimizes the friction and wear and gives the leak proof working.


Super TYPE-US is the improved version of TYPE-US for severe applications requiring higher efficiency and longer service life. It is superior version of US pressure joints with special Seal Rings and Plating on sealing surfaces to enhance the life under severe operating conditions. The Seal Ring has very hard and virtually non-porous structure suitable for running in combination of specially treated/plated surfaces.

All bodies and nipples are Electro-less Nickel plated. The result Longer Service life due to lower friction, higher resistance to corrosion and rust deposits.


'FOURWENTS' has developed very special type of rotary joints particularly for High temperature High pressure applications, particularly those involving handling of high temperature fluids and vapours up to 650°F. Construction includes Ductile Iron Body and Head, Stainless Steel Spring and the Special advanced Seal Rings.